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About eHotel Solution

We offer a comprehensive set of Management and Consultancy services & solutions to hotel & catering service owners and operators. As experienced operators and consultants, our counsel is both pragmatic and innovative. Our strength lies in developing innovating solution to improve quality, controls, reporting and standards which leads to enhanced performance.

Our team understands how to enhance value for owners, by improving operational excellence and extracting brand value. We approach all opportunities and situations from the perspective of an investor by creating and growing asset value. We continually strive to ensure that the objectives of the hotel owners and operators are met.

We focus on providing Intelligent Hospitality Management Solution which combined with Smart Asset Management Tools, Guest Satisfaction, Standard and Service tracking to create a Robust Operation.

Our Products


Hotel Expense Tracker application is as simple and practical as it gets. You don’t have to be an accountant, just need to know how to work on an App. Read More…


It’s a 100% Web Based Application with user friendly navigation. It’s a Plug and Go application where you connect  and manage the Data after basic setup. Read More…


We offer Fixed Asset Inventory management services to Hotels, Restaurants Healthcare, Banks, Offices, Commercial Building, Schools, Housing Complex, Factory and Warehouse Read More…