It’s a 100% Web Based Application with user friendly navigation. It’s a Plug and Go application where you connect and manage the Data after basic setup. We provide the service to setup your hotel’s DRRDASHBOARD application.

Dashboards are meant to provide data at a glance but DRRDASHBOARD provides pre-defined tables, charts and graphs in easy to read format using the Hotel industry KPI’s and Metrics. Easy drill down for detail makes DRRDASHBOARD a smart Daily Revenue Reporting dashboard.

Only a 5-step process to get you online using the Application for your Daily Revenue Report Dashboard

1. Connectivity

Signup and we will have you active in minutes, go on a monthly pay or Yearly payment terms.It a 100% web based application, so no hardware and software required. You will be using secured server for the Daily Revenue Reporting.

2. Application Setup

It takes a few hours to setup a hotel Daily Revenue Reporting Application. The only thing you do is provide us with your PMS and POS Excel, CSV or Text file for Revenue and Statistics and we do the initial setup mapping.

3. Upload Budget & Historical Data

Based on the Setup spreadsheet, user can upload the Monthly Revenue Budget – Forecast – Last Year data by simply uploading the data files.

4. Daily Revenue Report Preparation

Based on the Excel, Text, CSV report generated by Hotel PMS-POS System after night audit function is completed, user simply uploads the data on our application and the DRRDASHBOARD is generated.

5. Training

We have online training and it’s a 60 minute session to get you started, our support team is available 24 hours a day to address any issues you may have.